Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More March 2017

It was a late flight coming back from Orlando but we found a way to get comfortable while some guy across the aisle was taking pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day that the girls enjoys their date with daddy. Just a few more character the girls enjoyed while on our trip. During the safari ride at Animal Kingdom we saw a baby elephant playing with her mom and a few termite mounds.

Love you!
Linwood Sara, India and Jordyn

March 2017 Spring

We are Blessed and Enjoying our time together as a family. The little ladies are excited about Spring Break and of course March 29, 2017 our first born will be double digits. Jordyn has been doing a great job advocating for her sister and the things India wants for her birthday.
Tonight after dinner Linwood pulled $4 out of his pockets and gave India and Jordyn $2 a piece. He told them "thank you for cleaning your bathroom, keeping your rooms clean, hanging up your coats and putting your shoes away". Sara says what do you say, prompting a thank you from the girls. India said Thank you dad. Jordyn picked up one of the two dollars handing it back to Linwood saying thank you dad but room is currently a mess.
India is planning and running her 10th birthday party which will be Saturday March 25, 2017. If you are reading this you are invited and hope to see you there. She wants a cell phone for her birthday but we say not yet. The weather has been nice here but it's been dry. Pray for snow!

The other day in the car India picked up a vitamin bottle from the cup holder in the back of the car. Linwood keeps it there to take when he sees them or thinks about them so he can just grab one. India was turning the bottle cap to open it (click click click). India ask why isn't this opening?
 Jordyn reaches over and grabs the bottle from India saying because it's child proof and opens the bottle.
We were able to sneak away to Orlando for 5 days this month. It was a well needed break and now were excited to chill during our spring break at the end of this month.
The Mighty Girl Scouts had a Daddy Daughter Dance so Linwood and the little ladies got all dressed up and had a good time.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Fall Season (Really?)

 It's the Fall season 2016, the summer is officially over but the temps are still in the high 70's. The warm weather is great but the lack of moisture has not been a favorite. We have been busy with the girls and like always life has been grand. Above is the family's favorite cowboy during our visit to Dallas.
 India displaying her first science project at school. She created a project using kinetic energy.
 Hanging out with a good friend during our visit to Dallas
 India chilling with mom on our way to the rental car and of course Jordyn is sitting next to her role model.

 The girls posing in front of the Cowboys stadium as we stand in front of Tom Landry's statue. We are ever Cowboys fan as long as Romo stays away and even more when Jerry leaves.
 The kids gave us lots of Bull until we let them get their picture taken.

 Dad and his girls on a cool motorcycle at Warren Tech.

 Visiting the stadium with family!
 Jordyn and dad taking advantage of a selfie moment.

 Having lunch Texas style!

 Sitting at the bar on real saddles. Oh what a joy to have children!

 Inside the hotel that Bonnie and Clyde stayed in while in Texas. The word is Bonnie ran after being spooked that they were found out as they were casing a bank across the street. While she was getting out of dodge she dropped her weapon which is still inside the hotel today.
 The stockyards in Fort Worth was full of fun and excitement for a day.

 Dad wants one of these scooters for Christmas!

 Sleeping beauty inside her room for the night.