Saturday, November 25, 2017

Long head

We put our Christmas tree up today and the girls are so excited! Tonight we were all hanging out and Jordyn grabbed the ornaments Gram made with our baby pictures. She said "Let's play who was the citest baby!" India immediately replied " No, we can't play that, it's not fair to mommy. Everybody knows she's not going to win because of her long head." We died laughing! Especially when she said "Sorry mommy, I didn't mean for that to come out. "

Monday, October 23, 2017

The End of an Era

Well, it happened. The moment we knew would happen but didn't know when. Tonight was it. As we were tucking India into bed she said "Sometimes I think that it's all you guys. You take our teeth and leave money for the tooth fairy. And you bring us presents on Christmas. Is it true?" I tried to skirt the question asking her what she believed but she wasn't having it. I got a "Just tell me mom. I have to know. Is it you and dad? Do you leave the gifts on Christmas?" I still just looked at her and didn't say anything, but she persisted. I finally said "Yes."  At which point a shriek and cry came from the hallway and Jordyn came running into India's room crying. Sweet girl was listening outside the doorway and we didn't know. She is so sad! As I was tucking Jordyn in she asked me, "Will I forget about all of this in the morning?" I said "I hope so baby."

And that is it.... India was ready to know. Jordyn was not ready to know. But, here we are. Fortunately Linwood has been telling them for years that he's Santa so we can keep going back to that.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Let's Catch Up!

Well catching up prob won't happen but we can post some new pictures from 2017. This evening at dinner Jordyn was about to fall asleep at the table and we all had to go plates to take home. During bedtime Linwood rubbed the girls feet. After rubbing India's feet she so politely asked "dad may I rub your feet for you now" we really love our babies. Enjoy a few pictures!
North Carolina Time with family
J caught a fish at Clement, live shots of a water balloon fight on Ammons Court
having breakfast at a restaurant in NC. Sara is burned out from our long trip on the east coast. Linwood and the girls are plotting to see who's breakfast will get paid for.

Leaping in the pool at the hotel. Only a couple of days before we go home. Hallelujah!

Breakfast at the airport on our way back home from a great east coast trip. More shots from the water balloon fight with the adults and children on the block.

Hanging with family in NC and were never to old or good looking to get on the swings.

Jordyn enjoying her dyed hair. Thanks mom! Girls day at 7 Falls.

Linwood in the driveway this summer on his way to work this summer. Let's jump on daddy.
Play date with friends from daycare. This will always be a fun time and healthy friendship. Jordyn on the trampoline.

Girls at Garden of the gods park and pictures with Ali as we say good bye.

Good to see family together this summer at uncle Wallace house.

A fun hike together as the girls enjoyed summer camp.

Bye Bye ALI, Linwood decided he wanted to help fly on this day.

India at summer camp showing Linwood around.

Linwood in Portland this summer with his job. Tree was in a park across the street from his hotel, mountains are Mt St Helens and Mt Hood.

Girls posing on a Colorado hike.

Chocolate factory fun, DC tour, and many more memories from our summer. See you soon!
We love you!
Linwood, Sara, India and Jordyn