Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baking Cookies

It has been switching back and forth between nice days and cold, snowy days. Yesterday we went to the park and today we were inside baking cookies. It is quite interesting now that there are 2 little helpers. I must say both are very willing, eager, and insistant on helping out. To my horror there were constant taste test going on - Even after the egg and flour stages. The girls didn't seem to mind! They would do anything for their Daddy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New House

We know that everyone has patiently been awaiting photos of our new house. Thank you...we are gradually settling in. Almost every box is unpacked and things in their places. We still don't have anything hung on our walls, but that will come soon enough. It is a painful thought to put a hole in Linwood's newly painted walls :)

The girls never missed a beat in the transition to the new house. They love their new space almost as much as we do. India likes her "pink room" and they really like that they have a playroom downstairs. I am sure that having all of their stuff at the house really helps. India has made herself right at home...opening the refrigerator and freezer at her leisure and putting things in and out of the cupboards. She is quite the little helper! Jordyn will be the independent child in our family. She can play alone for quite a while. She is growing up so fast... she has quite a few words and understands whatever you say to her. There is a tiny bit of a temper there ... don't know where she got that :)

We Love you and miss you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Checking In

Just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten about you. We have been battling some crazy colds that just won't go away. (I left the camera out but packed the batteries so I haven't been able to take pictures - but who wants to see pictures of sick kids right?) As a summary of how these past few weeks have been, the receptionist at the doctor's office now knows us by name. Of course this may be because of the very memorable first trip we made there. Jordyn was wheezing so I called and took her right there after I picked her up from daycare. Well, wouldn't you know it that she decided she needed to poop as we were there in the waiting room and I had NOTHING because I didn't expect to make any stops after daycare. So, the doctor examined her as I apologized for the smell hoping that she would offer a diaper and wipes. She didn't. When she recommended that we get x-rays Jordyn's chest done I outright asked for a diaper and wipes. Would you believe that the doctor's office had NONE?! Luckily one of the nurses had a diaper in her car. They called us back for x-rays right away so poor Jordyn still had poop on her butt and was squeezed into this plastic harness for x-rays while I held her arms in the air and she screamed her head off. India wasn't even allowed in the room with us during the x-rays so I was relieved that I had brought the stroller for confinement and had some snacks for contentment.
After the x-rays I was finally able to change poor Jordyn's diaper. I know this seems impossible, but NONE of the restrooms in the doctor's office had a changing table. So, there I was trying to change Jordyn in the stroller with wet paper towels for wipes while keeping one of my legs sticking out so India couldn't play with the toilet. Both kids are screaming and I am trying my best not to soil the stroller. Eventually we managed to complete all bathroom missions and return to the waiting room.
Two hours after our arrival we walked out the door with antibiotics for an ear infection. At least, I walked out the door. Jordyn was now in the stroller screaming and India was in my arms screaming because she dropped her sticker somewhere and Mommy wouldn't go back to find it.
We all slept well that night!!!
Today, after 3 more doctor visits and a trip to the emergency room when India came down with hives (I didn't know that was what it was at the time), Jordyn is on her second round of super strength antibiotics and we are gradually returning to health.

We move this Saturday so we will have some pictures of the new house next week!
Love you all!

Monday, February 01, 2010

We're Moving!

With moving date fast approaching there is so much to be done. Linwood is spending countless hours at the new house painting and doing repairs. The girls and I are cleaning and packing up all of our things. You can see from the pictures that they are great helpers!

A Must See!

Everyone needs a signature dance move and boy do our girls have one.