Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Milestones...

India and Jordyn went to the doctor's for their checkups yesterday. (Jordyn's 4 month and India's 2 year) They are both healthy and right on schedule. Jordyn weighs 15 lbs 9.5 oz. and is 24 3/4 inches. She is a big girl!! She just started eating cereal and we hope this fills up her tummy and helps her sleep longer at night. We attached a video of her first experience with solid foods. We think she is sooooo cute! India is 26 lb. and 7 oz. and 35 inches tall. She is in the 50th percentile for weight but 75th for height so she is tall and thin like her Daddy. She is able to communicate with her words and not just her actions now. What a sweet personality she has! She is the first one to go running when she hears Jordyn crying. She also is always willing to share her food, but only the food that she likes. India was eating blackberries, which is her second favorite fruit to blueberries. She was finishing up her first half dozen and offered her Daddy the last one...awwwwwww....feel the love! She won't offer you something that she doesn't like. India loves to play dress up and have tea parties. She is the perfect 2 year old, how many 2 year olds do you know that will say "Lay down please" when they get sleepy during the day. This age is so much fun!!! We love you! Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

India turns 2!

India celebrated her 2nd birthday at Chuck e Cheese's on Sunday with some family and friends. She had an absolute blast!!!!! The highlight of the day was when everybody, including Chuck e Cheese, sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a birthday star medal. She was just glowing and dancing around. It was truly priceless. India and her friends ran all around that place. I think they were more interested in running around and chasing each other than any of the games. She gave out hugs, high fives, and screams. I think it's fair to say that at the end of the party the kids were wired and the parents were exhausted. I tried to make a giant cupcake for her birthday cake. It definately did not turn out like the picture but everyone was kind and said it tasted alright. Christine informed me that it's just a right of passage to have goofy looking birthday cakes growing up. We Love You! Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow Day

After weeks of warm, spring-like weather we got hit with a blizzard. I got to start spring break a day early as they closed all schools in the district. This is only the second snow day we've had in 4 years, so you know it is serious stuff. A lot of the day we played inside and you can see that India had no trouble staying warm. She is our own personal hula girl and such a good dancer!
We went outside to play in the snow and shovel a few times and this was India's favorite part of the day. She cried when we had to come back inside. The snow was up past her knees and she had trouble walking in her marshmallow suit, but she was in heaven. Once we got the driveway cleared off she went from snow pile to snow pile laughing and playing. Her friend from down the street came over and played too. Jordyn was bundled up and willing to participate, but I think she'll have to wait until next year to fully enjoy a good snow storm.
Happy Spring!
We Love You!
Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rolly Poly

Jordyn is all smiles and giggles! This stage is so much fun because she is happy and smiling and still small enough to stay where you put her. We have a feeling that is all about to change as she has started rolling from her belly to her back. She hasn't quite mastered rolling from her back to her belly and usually prefers her side for hanging out and sleeping. Oh sleeping..... we have had to be creative to get some sleep and privacy of our own. You can see from the picture that we've resorted to putting her bouncy seat in her crib on a few occasions. Still, Jordyn is only sleeping 3 hours at a time. She is absolutely a daddy's girl just like her sister and goes wild when Linwood talks to her or kisses her. I think she gets more kisses than anyone in the family when you factor in how India showers her with hugs and kisses on an hourly basis. We Love You, Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

The Adventures of India

With less than 2 weeks left until her 2nd birthday, India is quite the energetic ball of mischief. As you can see from the pictures she has figured out how to hide in the cabinets. Hide and seek is one of her favorite games and she is hiding from us every chance she gets...this has brought on a few near heart attacks but is mostly just fun! She is again exercising her right to eat only what she wants (right now it's fish sticks and yogurt with cheerios)and go to the potty only when she wants (which hasn't been that frequently since this weekend). While it can be trying at times it's exciting to see her becoming so independant and opinionated. Everyday is an adventure, as you can see by her latest picture where she's covered with dirt from head to toe. I think I'll be picking dirt out of her hair until she's 3 :-) We love you all, Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ornery Selves

Today India reached a new milestone of orneriness. We were upstairs getting ready for bed. I was in her room picking out her pajamas and clothes for the next day. She was in the bathroom cabinet and I wasn't worried because there's nothing in there that she shouldn't have. Well, things got quiet and when I walked into the bathroom she was in the tub with all of her clothes on. India had dumped an entire bottle of baby bath into the tub. She was having a ball rubbing the soap all over herself and the tub. What a mess!!! It was like trying to hold onto a wet bar of soap as I tried to get her out of her clothes. There was nothing left to do but fill the tub with water and wash away all the soap. India had the bubblebath of her life. She was absolutely thrilled! She kept screaming "bubbles!" and she now knows what they taste like, smell like, and feel like in your eyes (thank goodness for no tears). I fear that no bath experience the rest of her life will compare with this experience. I am sorry to say that there are no pictures because she couldn't be left alone in the slippery mess to go get the camera. Love you!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Too Cute...

not to post more pictures. What can we say? We're proud parents!