Friday, February 23, 2007

4 more weeks...

We are finally in the last month of pregnancy! I am officially counting down until the "big day." Physically I am ready for the baby any day now, but of course it would be most "convenient" if she waits until spring break...March 23 or later. One of her body parts (I think it's a knee) has made its home under my right ribcage. Her movements are very strong and look kind of creepy from the outside.
We went to the doctor's yesterday and she said that everything looks good. India's heartrate was about 138 bpm and her head is definatley down. Of course I want to know all kinds of information that she can't tell us... when will she come, what does she look like, etc. I guess we'll find out soon enough. We go back to the doctor's in 2 weeks and then every week after that.

Linwood is sure that the baby is coming soon as I am getting increasingly tired and irritable...especially around bedtime. I tell him that one day we will look back on this time and laugh and have fond memories:) Really, life is wonderful. It has actually been warm in CO this week and most of the snow has melted. Hopefully spring is on the way.

We love you!
Linwood and Sara