Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Photos September 2016

 Linwood took a trip to VA to visit family. Happy times with family are priceless!!
 Linwood and the girls sitting on the front porch having a good time!
 We couldn't resist this fun family photo opt at the museum.
 Linwood and India went shopping for a watch together while Jordyn gets her hair done.
 Linwood hanging out with Quita and a couple of her beautiful girls that are growing up so fast.
 25th and Jefferson in Newport News now has a MLK memorial park.
 Linwood and Andre visiting old stomping grounds in downtown Newport News.
 Honey are you listening to me I have to leave soon.
 A snapshot at the circus last weekend. Always have good times together with my favorite people.
 Linwood, his mom and sisters about to have lunch together.