Sunday, July 25, 2010

Notable Progress

While we are not convinced that soccer is in India's future, she has made some very noticable progress. She actually stayed on the field the entire 2nd half of last weeks game. We won't mention the few breaks she took sitting down pulling up grass. However, when the action got close she did her thing by tackling the ball and whoever was close to it.

Jordyn has also made notable progress on using the potty. Just a week ago she was in active rebellion stage. She doesn't like the little potty and has had some success with the big potty. She is happy to be going in the right direction:-)

Our Girls

Living the last weeks of summer to the fullest! Here are our beauties!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The girls have swimming lessons this week and next. Jordyn loves the water! She still takes her lessons with mom or dad. She gets bored just hanging out in the water but once the toys come out and she can jump in off the side, she loves it. India is taking lessons all by herself. The pool is absolutely perfect for kids her is all 2 and 3 feet deep where they swim. I can honestly say that her legs do not stop moving from the time she gets into the water until the time she gets out. She even stands against the wall running and jumping in place. She is just so excited! This does make floating a bit challenging because you are supposed to stay still, but somehow it all works. We are so proud of them!

Uncle Neal....

Thank you for coming to visit us in CO. We are still asking where you are and waiting for you to walk through the door so that we can tackle you. We miss our shoes though, please bring them back to us! You can leave all of that Duke and Redskins stuff at home this time OK? We love you and hope to see you soon!


One night we heard Jordyn fussing and walking around in her room. We didn't go in because she is actually harder to get back to sleep if she sees you. Before laying down for the night we peeked in to make sure she was okay. This is what we saw....sound asleep. She uses a step stool to get in and out of her bed and she had actually moved it over to India's bed so that she could climb in.

Friday, July 09, 2010

I hope you're sitting down

This week was the girls last gymnastics class. They had a great time and we have some really cute photos, but this video of the girls on the trampoline is just to die for! (Note: Jordyn is still trying to figure out how to jump.)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Photo Album of our East Coast Trip

We had a wonderful time visiting our friends and family on the East Coast. There are many stories to tell, but we opted for a photo album. We tried our best to get pictures of everyone but somehow that didn't happen. We are disappointed about this but happy that we still have all the memories in our hearts. Thank you for such a great time. God bless you all!

We have just arrived and India doesn't waste anytime catching her first fish.

India is ready with the net to scoop up the fish.

Aunt Adrienne with Jordyn.

Cousin Katelyn.

Jordyn and Grandma.

India at the playground.

India with Granny Zutell. The girls had a great time celebrating her birthday with her.

Looking at pictures with Grandma.

Jordyn teasing Grandpa in his hat.

The girls have arrived in VA.

Jordyn and Nana blowing bubbles.

India and Nana at Yorktown Beach.

Jordyn at the beach.

Playing in the sand at Yorktown Beach.

Enjoying a popsicle on Grandaddy and Grandma Stella's.

India swinging with Uncle Oneal.

Jordyn with Uncle Oneal and Grandma Stella.

Playing on Grandaddy and Grandma Stella's porch.

India with Uncle Oneal.

Grandaddy and Jordyn. They are always in motion.

India with Granny Green.

Coloring with Cousin Katelyn.

Playing at Aunt Kathy and Uncle John's house.

Jordyn with Grandma.

Aunt Kathy and Cousin Katelyn.

More fishing with Grandpa.

Playing Pooh Sticks on Grandma and Grandpa's bridge.

Future campers.

Grandpa, Uncle Ed, and Uncle Sam at the cookout.

Playing with Cousins Gloria and Katelyn.

Jordyn playing in the water.

Spoiling Cousin Katelyn.

Gram, Aunt Kathy, and Jordyn (Gram-can you believe this is my only pic of you? I was slacking!)

Cousin Allison at the fireworks.

Feeding the fish one final time with Grandpa.

India has become quite the professional fisherman.