Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

At the beginning of the month we took a trip down to Colorado Springs and went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was the most fun zoo we have ever been to! The girls were able to touch and feed giraffes, birds, pet Wallabys, and ride ponies. They even had a moose there! It was a rainy, stormy day but we didn't care. It was a welcome break from the heat.
Close up of a giraffe

India petting a giraffe

India feeding the giraffe

Jordyn wanted to watch but did not want to get close

Jordyn checking out the lions

Even India got a turn in the backpack

Jordyn got her face painted

India chose to be a giraffe

The girls in a spider web

Feeding the birds

Jordyn enticing a bird

India holding a bird

Jordyn's turn :-)

Petting a Wallaby

India in the tiger tube

Daddy and his girls

Jordyn riding a pony

India on her pony

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

We hope that you are all enjoying your Fourth of July. We had a fun weekend around the house and enjoyed seeing the fireworks with Cousin Cenika and her mommy yesterday. Overall I think the girls enjoyed the show. Cenika covered her ears and cried for her daddy, India sat curled up on my lap with her ears covered, and Jordyn let everyone know that the other two didn't like the noise as she smiled, laughed, and said how beautiful they were. We contemplated taking them somewhere that wouldn't be noisy to see more fireworks tonight, but are not sure we can handle two really late nights in a row. (Especially because we are listening to the girls play upstairs instead of nap this afternoon.) Today is a hot one in Colorado. We have been relaxing and playing in the water to stay cool.

We miss our East Coast Family and are excited for our upcoming visit!
Love you all!

The girls

Jordyn waving her flag

India with her flag

Cenika and Stacey

Waiting for the show to start

India preparing for the noise

Jordyn didn't think anything of it - she loved it!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

First Family Camping Trip

The girls have been asking when we were going to go camping so we finally gave in and planned a trip. We went close to home at the Chatfield Reservoir and it was a great place to start. We had a lot of fun, many laughable moments, and learned a lot about camping with a family. The moment that got the biggest laugh from mom and dad was when we went to blow up our air mattress and found out that the pump had to be charged for 8-12 hours before use...we were out of luck...and the tent pad was little rocks. The girls had their little mattresses so we were hopeful that they would get some sleep. Check out our pictures for the rest of the story.

Our house for the night

The lake had a beach and swim area

Jordyn is ready to go swimming

India too!

Cold, but refreshing

Our little fish

Jordyn playing in the sand

Dinner time!

First Smores experience

They are not impressed! Like all of the ingredients seperately, but not together. Can you imagine?!

There was no shade and the sun was HOT. Some might say it's ghetto, we prefer resourceful.

They are supposed to be sleeping

The morning after

Playing in the car while we packed up.