Saturday, June 14, 2008


Laughing During Lunch

Summer is officially here:)

School has been out for a few weeks and I think it's been almost a month since any snow has fallen in Colorado. I think it's safe to say that summer is here:) India has been a growing, joyful ball of energy. She is loving spending her days playing at the park, going swimming, and working on her walking skills. Of course this practice has led to a few more bumps and bruises. You wouldn't believe how tough this girl is!!! Just today she was walking in a parking lot, fell down and kept on going. We didn't realize until she got in the car that she scraped her knee (yes there was even a little bit of blood) and had two little marks on her toes. She didn't fuss at all....not even during bathtime later. India continues to talk up a storm and she is singing now too. We don't know exactly what is coming out of her mouth but it is such a sweet sound!! Her favorite summer foods are definately strawberries and raspberries. That is all she would eat if she had the choice.

As far as the baby to be....all is well. We are 18 weeks and the heartrate remains around 170 bpm. We have our 5 month ultrasound on June 30th and Linwood says he can't wait to see his son:) We'll see. There's a belly pic attached. I am still waiting for the "feel good" second trimester to kick in. I have had cold symptoms and been really tired so far with this one.

We love you!!!!

Linwood, Sara, and India