Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Oh how we love being off, spending time together, and taking advantage of the fun things going on in our city. Not only did we get to have a fun-filled Thanksgiving...we also went downtown for their "Light the lights" ceremony where they turn on the lights to the capital building, went to Zoo Lights, and had a sleep over with Cousin Cenika. Unfortunately these activities all happened later in the evening so we had some cranky, tired girls getting woken up this morning. Guess that was mommy and daddy's reality check. As much as we love to go-go-go and take advantage of everything that has to do with Christmas, the little ones still need their rest. Three weeks of school, then it's Christmas Break! Oh how we love this time of year!!!

The night of the sleepover. Believe it or not, they did actually end up in their own beds and slept all night.

Jordyn in the ball pit (Photo credit: India)

Cenika and Jordyn cooking lunch

India dancing

Bundled up, ready to go to "Light the Lights" downtown

The Capital building before it was lit up

Playing in the grass

Group hug

Ta-da! The moment we were waiting for!

India on Daddy's shoulders

Jordyn on Mommy's shoulders

It changes color to music

They had the best seat in the house

Sugars, Cenika, India, and Jordyn at Zoo Lights

There were lots of animal shaped lights

Resisting the urge to climb the wall

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some people...

...only get to read about situations like this. Others of us live it on a regular basis. Jordyn has been doing pretty good potty training, despite a few quirks here and there. In fact, today was her first day wearing panties and she only had one accident before nap :-) YAY!!!
So, nap.... For some reason Jordyn is under the impression that if she doesn't "go" in her diaper, she did a good thing. We heard some commotion, went upstairs, India is pretending to sleep and Jordyn is naked and has peed in her bed. Changed the sheets and reminded her to keep her clothes on. A few minutes passed and we heard A LOT of commotion. Come to find both girls naked from the waste down, a full toilet, and a "mess" on the rug. They are so proud that they both did their business and are demanding to know what their treat will be. Well, Jordyn's pull up is still dry and despite our shock and displeasure at what we could we not praise them?! A sanitized room and four loads of bed clothes in 24 hours...I think they are finally asleep.

But, they sure are cute. Here are a few of the rare pics from Thanksgiving.
We Love You!

Playing doctor with Cousin Cenika

India is exercising after her turkey

Jordyn screams as she's runnning away from Cousin Angelo

Nothing but legs. Trying to hide so they don't get tickled.

Jordyn and Daddy

The day ends with a sleepover with Cousin Cenika

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jordyn's Birthday Party

Sunday evening Jordyn, her friends, and her family took over Fun City!
The kids were happy and the parents were tired :-)

Waiting for the party to start.

The party table

Eating pizza

India and the cousins

"It's my birthday party!"

Jordyn's Birthday Cake


Singing happy birthday and blowing out candles.

Cupcake cakes are the way to go!

India with her cake.

Eating cake with Cousin Cenika

Daddy, Jordyn, and friend Ava

Opening presents

India playing at Fun City.

One play area. I was too busy running after kids to take pictures.

Jordyn's 2nd Birthday

Our baby is 2 already! On her birthday we had a quiet celebration at home. She was SOOOOO excited about having a birthday. India enjoyed the treats and presents, but had to learn the hard lesson of someone else having a special day. Thank you everyone for helping to make Jordyn's birthday special!!!
We Love You!

Making her birthday brownies.

India gave Jordyn the gift she picked out.

Jordyn was excited.

This cord only made it attached until the evening. India thought she should cut it so that the bone was separate. Target graciously took it back and replaced it with a new one.


"I'm a doctor! What's wrong with you?"

New baby bear...J loves being a mommy!

Mrs. Potato Head :-)

Art Easel

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An evening at our house

Jordyn went down to play in the basement all by herself. When we went down to see her, she had prepared a feast for the family.

She was so proud!!

India was busy playing with her sticker book. More stickers always end up on our bodies than in the book.

Jordyn wore this neckwarmer on her head or around her waist for a few days straight.

The girls getting ready for bed. They always get wound up before they wind down.

Daddy and the girls having fun.