Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring is in the air!

With every passing day India is becoming more and more fun. My school had another fire this year so I had the opportunity to spend some extra days home with her. Some of our favorite activities include chasing each other around, tickling, laughing, reading, and dancing. India has become quite the dancer. She is now moving her feet and body in addition to her head. It is absolutely adorable to watch!!! She also was able to play outside this week. India and Daddy love to go for walks with her red wagon. Much to our delight she doesn't mind getting down and dirty....if only we could convince her not to eat rocks(don't worry, she hasn't swallowed any). Life is grand! We are counting the days to our summer vacation.

We love you!!!!

Linwood, Sara, and India

Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Sister

I have news!!! I am going to be a big sister. I'm not exactly sure what that means but everyone is making a really big deal about it. Supposedly there's a baby coming to our house on November 15th. I just hope he/she doesn't think he can play with my toys and sleep in my room. Now that I'm a big sister I've had to take on more responsibility around the house, such as folding the laundry. I think life is going to change very soon.

Wish me luck!


Hangin' Out, Growin' Up

Since my birthday I've been through a lot. I had to get 4 shots at my one year checkup and they made me kind of sick. Also, I got 4 new teeth and 2 more are on their way. I am still taking my time with walking but probably will soon since my Mommy and Daddy have stopped pressuring me about it. My Mommy just turned 30 and Daddy flew out Chrissy and LauraLee to play with us. They are lots of fun!!!! I have also been talking up a storm. Nobody seems to know what I'm saying but I keep talking anyway.

I love you all and miss you a lot!