Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crayfish at the beach

Yesterday we took the girls to a "beach" close to our house at Bear Creek State Park. We knew that they would have a fantastic time playing in the water and rocky sand, but we had no idea there were so many creatures there. An older gentleman was there with his grandkids and he was showing them how to catch crayfish. India and Jordyn quickly joined in and they spent all morning looking for crayfish in the water. They found tons! Baby size to Grandpa size (their words, not ours). Next time we will have to bring nets. Here are a few photos. India is holding one of the smaller ones and Jordyn has a baby one in her hands.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello Again

Well Hello Again,
Logging on today feels like I am catching up with an old friend. I have been wondering for weeks what has been taking me so long and I really don't know. It's been the same way with phone calls....I think of you all the time but I cannot bring myself to pick up a phone. As I contemplate my lack of communication, I have come up with a few potential reasons:
1. I have been too busy living life to write about it.
2. Soooo many wonderful, exciting visits and happenings this summer that I feel like I cannot possibly capture them with words.
3. The task feels so big I don't know where to start.
4. Perhaps a bit of laziness.

Well, no more excuses, I AM BACK!
And I have missed you!
Prepare to be innundated.