Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Birthday Party Pics

First Birthday Party

Thank you to everyone who helped make India's first birthday special - through your presence, cards, thoughts, phone calls, and all the wonderful gifts!!!! The party was a blast. There was dancing, music, family time, toys, cake, and lots of love and fun. We'll let the pictures do the talking.

Miss you and love you so much!!!!

Linwood, Sara, and India

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Climbing the Stairs

Easter/Spring Break

Hello All! Hope that you had a great Easter. India had fun playing with plastic eggs and digging in her Easter basket. Of course she doesn't understand what it's all for yet, but we're working on it:) Having this week off for spring break is such a gift!! We are enjoying every second with India singing, dancing, laughing, and playing. She took half a step this week, so she's working on walking....all at her own pace. A lady we spoke with in Target said "Don't worry, she won't go to kindergarten crawling." It kind of puts everything in perspective. We are anxiously getting ready for India's first birthday party.

We love you and miss you!

Linwood, Sara, and India

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Birthday Countdown

India is coming more into her own personality everyday. She pushes you away when she doesn't want to be bothered, sucks on your face when she wants to show love, and squeals and plays all full of joy. She has developed a few quirks...drinking bath water, sucking the cheese off of grilled cheese sandwiches and spitting out the bread, saying "Wasssdat?" She is so full of life it makes us full of life!!! We are looking forward to our Spring Break next week, Easter, and India's first birthday.

Take care!
Thanks for coming to visit Uncle ONeal!!

We Love You All!!

Linwood, Sara, and India

Sunday, March 09, 2008

11 months, 1 week

Hello Everyone! It is only 3 weeks until my first birthday. I don't know what to expect but it sounds like a pretty big deal. I have been sick for the past week...just the sniffles until last night. I threw up everywhere! Don't worry, Mommy and Daddy were there to take good care of me. Daddy says that I'm a really good cuddler when I'm sick. Today I feel a little better. I don't want to eat or drink a lot but I'm not throwing up anymore.

Last weekend Mommy and Daddy took me for my first ride in the bike trailer. I cried the whole time. It's kind of scary. I overheard them saying that they were going to keep trying until I like it. Guess I better get over it pretty quick!

Mommy and Daddy are trying to get me to stop sucking on my fingers. They put socks or gloves on my hands for a few hours a day. I hate it! It makes me so mad when I can't get my fingers in my mouth! Of course after I start playing for a little while I forget about it.

I am not taking steps yet. I wish everyone would stop rushing me. I stand up not holding onto anything for a few seconds. I'm going at my own pace! If you talk to my Mommy and Daddy please tell them that.

I love you and miss you all very much!