Friday, October 31, 2014

Future WNBA Star

Jordyn is really good at playing basketball and loves the game, though tough she is still a princess.

Helping BlowThe Leaves

The reason we have children has finally come to fruition. India decided to go outside with her dad and help blow the leaves it was a joyous moment for us all.
Peace Love and Blessings!!

Linwood Sara India and Jordyn

Backyard Fun!!

Linwood was spinning the girls on our swing in the backyard. We are enjoying a late fall with temps in the 70s and 80s. Our roses are still blooming and are simply gorgeous. Our first Thanksgiving dinner will be served here in our home and you are all welcome.
Peace Love and Blessings!!

Linwood Sara India and Jordyn

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Play with your children

Linwood was washing the car with the girls and they had an idea. Dad asked them to fill it up and go get your mother then fun we have has no limits. He doesn't normally squeal like this but this is an exception.

Linwood Sara India and Jordyn

School pictures October 2014


As we all know the girls are learning at the same school this year and both of them are excelling which is a blessing. The other morning Linwood was praying with the girls on the way to school. He was giving God thanks and in the process he thanked God for the hairs on our heads that He has numbered. India started laughing with a belly aching laugh, Jordyn gave her the eye as to ask what are you laughing at, Indiia responded by saying "he thanked God for the hair on his head and he doesn't have any hair". Jordyn then replied to her by saying "yes he does and you should see all the hair he has under his arms. India is now reading chapter books and is a student of God's Word which makes us proud parents. Jordyn will be 6 years old soon and she is counting down the weeks with excitement. We had to modify her list of invitees to her party after she had a list of over 25 little people attending. She seems to be fine with the shortened list with plans to enjoy her Frozen theme birthday party. We have been having a ladies bible study in our home on Thursday nights and this ministry is growing and has truly been a blessing from God. We Love You!!
Peace Love and Blessing!!
Linwood, Sara India and Jordyn