Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost Homeowners

We are all enjoying our day off together and the warm sunshine that has replaced Winter's bitter cold. The girls are taking a nap, Linwood is running errands, and I am wondering what I can put salsa and sour cream on. Have you ever gotten a craving for one thing and then realized you don't have its partner? I think Wheat Thins will do nicely.
The girls are suffering from colds that have them congested and coughing. Nothing seems to keep them down though! Linwood and I are enjoying the few extra minutes of snuggling time. They are playing together more and more and Jordyn even tried to climb on India's back this morning to get a horsey ride. SO CUTE!!!!
This is a really exciting week for us. Not only have we gottent o spend one extra day together as a family, we are registering India for preschool next year (CAN SHE REALLY BE THAT OLD?) and most exciting of all....We are scheduled to close on our house Wednesday. YAY!!!! We are so excited! That means that in just a few weeks our house will be packed up, moved, and unpacked again. Unbelievable.
Well, I must stop procrastinating and get packing while I still have some nap time left.
Love you all!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! We are looking forward to 2010 being our best year yet. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Anytime we get to hang out with family and each other is a great time. India loved looking at all the Christmas lights. We can hardly believe how grown the girls have gotten!!!
If you ask India and Jordyn the highlight of their Christmas break was getting to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa. They just couldn't get enough of them!!! Grandma and Grandpa got climbed on, kicked, kissed, hugged, and lots of love. We were all sad to see them return home.
We love you all!