Monday, September 28, 2009

Joy, Joy, Joy

India in the Green wedding this summer.

...that's what our 2 little brave princesses are. Busted lips, bumped heads, twisted ankles are all par for the course. India is climbing up to the highest point in sight, turns around, smiles and takes a leap. Jordyn tries to follow suit but her little legs don't quite make it. However when she is helped up she smiles then dives to try to beat her sister to the ground. India's favorite word when she sees a high surface is jump daddy JUMP! Of course they get lessons on how to do this from the biggest kid in the house :-)
Jordyn is climbing up stairs and trying her hardest to be just like her big sister. India is becoming even more of a little mother trying to feed Jordyn and take care of her. Of course now that J is getting older she doesn't appreciate this forced helpfulness as much.
The girls are getting faster and more active. (We can no longer walk and keep up with India when she takes off running.) So....the pictures aren't that great this week. As soon as we call them they come full speed towards the camera; hence the close ups.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Pictures

Daredevil Jordyn

Hanging with Cousin Tinika & Cenika

Jordyn will be walking in no time.

Princess India performs

They are always up to something.

Labor Day Weekend

This post is a little behind, but we wanted to share what a great time we had on Labor Day weekend. We found a park close to our house that was complete with a train, petting zoo, and creek to play in. It was a blast!! If only we had known about it earlier in the summer we would have been regulars. India had such a good time we had to drag her out of the water to go home.
India is also doing great with potty training. While we are not totally there, she wears big girl panties (even when we leave the house) and is doing a great job! YAYYYY!!!
We are so proud of our girls!
Love you,
Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn