Wednesday, April 03, 2013

India turns 6!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make India's birthday special with birthday wishes and/or gifts. We feel so blessed to have such loving and caring friends and family. She felt all of your love on her special day. Here are some pictures from her birthday party. India chose Rapunzel as her special guest. The girls decorated Rapunzel braids to wear in tribute. Even daddy wore a special braid. Time for cake and ice cream! Yum! Opening gifts. Posing with friends, Harrison and Graham. The boys got to make beards at the party. Our little "ruffians and thugs."

Our little princess

As our daughters get older they are becoming their own persons and developing their own styles. Jordyn is all princess and frills - unless of course you try to mess with her or her sister, then she will throw a few elbows. She can also be the sweetest little girl ever. Tonight before bed we asked her when she feels loved by her family. The little princess said, "All the time. Even when I get in trouble. And when I get lots of hugs and kisses."

India's book about Spring Break

India came home with this book she made after her first day back to school from Spring Break. All About Spring Break By India Washington We went to my cousins house for a Easter egg hunt. I and my sister got lots of eggs. I dyed Easter eggs on the night before Easter. I went to the swimming pool. (My personal favorite.) I will sing bump no mo no big fat woman. (Guess everyone at school now knows what is on daddy's play list. Praise the Lord we didn't get a phone call home.)