Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jordyn's Birthday Party

These are Jordyn's birthday cakes before they were dug into. There is also a picture of where India decided to sneak herself a taste. Cousin Tinika brought the party to the party with this blow up ball pit.The girls were in absolute heaven!!

Jordyn's Cake

We went with a butterfly theme for Jordyn's birthday cakes. Check out the before and after pictures as she dug in. She was actually very nice to Mommy...she sure knows how to dig into her food, but she doesn't waste a lot.

Jordyn's 1st Birthday

It is unbelievable that our baby is 1 year old already! She is such a joy and made us even prouder when she walked on her birthday. Yay Jordyn!!! India was excited to sing happy birthday, give gifts, and decorate the house. She stayed at home with Mommy on Friday because she was feeling under the weather. All day she kept asking if we could go get Jordyn from daycare. They have really bonded!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two peas in a pod

These aren't the greatest pictures because the girls are always moving but you can see that they love to be close to each other.
Daddy bought roses for his girls :)

Fun at the dinner table

Everyday is a new adventure! We love it!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Snow Storm

Although the weather last week was beautiful,sunny, and warm we got a foot of snow Sunday! I must admit that we were all loving it because we had nowhere to go. We played outside for hours and India got her first taste of sledding. She was a pro, acting like she had been doing it all her life. We stayed out longer than planned because she kept saying, "One more time Mommy." Who can resist that?! We weren't able to take pictures but she was styling in her new purple snowsuit and gloves. There were many moments when we wished we had the camera. She ate so much snow! Not just any snow, she would pick up the big clumps and bite pieces off like she was eating a sandwich. Jordyn was snoozing away during playtime. She has a pretty new snowsuit as well, but Mommy would like her to walk first. Mean mommy!

Fall Festivities

India and Jordyn are soooo cute, they just stop everyone in their tracks. We just cannot brag on our little girls enough. The giraffe is just as cute from behind as the front. These are pictures from the Fall Festival at a church close to our house. It was awesome for them! There were stickers, balloon animals, games, bouncy castles..... al sorts of fun things. Since the girls aren't that interested in candy this was the perfect event! We Love You!