Sunday, March 27, 2016

Resurrection Day 2016

 Girls putting their heart necklaces together they gave each other as a gift this morning.
 The ladies posing for a moment during the festivities of the day.
 YEAH, mommy paused for a moment to take a picture on this wonderful day.
 India tackling Rasheed for a picture while he gets busted sniffing out her basket of goodies.
 Still in love, Aunt Mary and Uncle Wallace came over to have an early dinner with us. So good to see them and share time with family.
 Let the good times Roll.. They gave the girls baskets of goodies and shared lots of wisdom that can't be paid for with a $.

 Oh yeah like mother like daughter. Not a fan of the camera but handles it with so much grace and class.

 Sharing the good times, catching up, laughter and love.

 Finding eggs during our home egg hunt.

 A few nice poses in the front yard this afternoon. Yes that's snow on the ground but the sun is bright and its about 60 degrees.

  I got one but no stopping I see another egg already.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Snow 2016


 Jordyn after baseball game!
 Hud trying to steal her cupcake. Shame on him stealing from a child.
 Girls and I having fun at Lauryn's wedding.
 Uncle Wallace and I showing the girls how to celebrate the holidays.

 Evergreen Family Photo of Jordyn running in the snow.
 Parade in Golden Colorado it's almost Christmas and anything goes.
 A summer photo that these nice people allowed Linwood to sit with them and take a picture. I think they even fed him that day.
 Another family photo up at Evergreen.
 My goodness who are these Little children and where did they go?
 Not so long ago as the girls are hiking with mom during their 2016 Spring Break.
 2016 Concert with the family.
Yes, and thanks to whoever kept the girls while we shared some time in Vegas.

Let's catch up on 2016

 2016 Basketball team! The girls are still loving sports and the other day won a full court game versus mom and dad.

 I love horses and always have fun seeing them.
 Yep, Daddy's home and were all glad to see him.

 A good night's rest is better than a full day of play. At least for the parents.

 The Girls are HUGE Tarheels fans.. At as long as they like to eat.
 Photo Booth at India's Birthday Party.
 Painting canvases at the party was a big hit.

 Okay the time is now I'm ready to hear you sing even more to be 9 years old.
 No I'm not finish my canvas yet, I'm taking my time and I'm fine sitting here by myself.
 I'm so glad Rasheed chose to sleep in my bed tonight, I have a firm grip on him too in case he tries to leave.
 Opening gifts on my birthday draws a croud.
 Yep it's my day!