Saturday, August 28, 2010

India's First Day of Preschool

We cannnot believe that our baby is already going to school! Daddy dropped her off on the first day and she couldn't be more excited. It helps (us) that two of her friends from daycare are going too. You'll notice the was one of those unusual weather days in CO.

"Are we there yet Daddy?"

"Why can't I go with India?"

Dad and daughter, outside the school

Walking in with her bookbag

India with her teacher, Ms. Lisa

Dad and daughter before India starts her day.

New Family Pictures

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures by India

It looks like we have quite the photographer on our hands...Grandma and Auntie you would be so proud. Here are just a few examples of India's pictures.

Mommy carrying Jordyn in the backpack.

Picnic at the zoo

Geese at the zoo

Tree at the zoo

Peacock at the zoo. (He was really that zoom)

Jordyn coloring

Mommy and Daddy

Littleton Museum

The Littleton Museum is a gem in our local area. It is free to the public and includes acres of living history from the 1860s and 1890s. The girls had fun running around, chasing sheep, seeing a lot of other animals and playing with toys from over 100 years ago.

Play Day with Cousin Cenika

Cousin Cenika came and spent the night much to the delight of India and Jordyn. Since she has left the girls keep asking where she is and if she is going to go where ever we are going. So cute!!! They really had a blast!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Dancing; A favorite pasttime

Dancing at the Children's Museum.

Free dance time at India's dance class.

Denver Children's Museum

The girls had an exciting time at the Children's Museum last week. It is so fun to see how into everything they get as they get older! This place was great.

Our little firefighter.

India driving the firetruck.


Puppet show.

Jordyn playing dressup.

Train conductors.

The girls in the kitchen. (Always taste while you cook.)

India checking out customers at the grocery store.

Jordyn as a "bubbleologist"

India as a "bubbleologist"

Jordyn in the treehouse.

India driving a boat.

India and Jordyn swinging.

All 3 girls on a tire swing.

India filling in the holes others dug.

Jordyn chillin in the sand.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

My husband likes to deny that his oldest daughter is a spitting image of him. He says that there is no way someone so pretty could look like him. Well, here is the official evidence...first, the nose....and who can deny that forehead!
(Sorry the captions don't fit. They look right in the edit mode and I am not a computer guru so this will have to do.)

The forehead at a few weeks old.

India's forehead present day.

The evidence.... Daddy's forehead when he's thinking, worried,or in an odd position on the floor.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Colorado Beach

So, this is what a Colorado Beach looks like. The sand leaves much to be desired, but the views are spectacular. If you are a toddler none of this matters, you have a ball anywhere there are water, toys, and sand. (The hillside in the background caught fire a mere 3 hours after we buildings burned, but it is still a bummer).
Hope everyone is well. We are having a great time, enjoying the last few days of our summer.