Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Adventures

We have been keeping busy and enjoying the beautiful spring weather! The girls and daddy spoiled me on Mother's Day with cards and gifts - the girls made pavers with butterflies on them made out of their footprints, ADORABLE!!! As they get older they are getting to be better and better friends. In fact, last week they were at the mall with daddy and daddy got lost. The girls just sat up on a couch close to where they were and waited. Daddy walked all around the couch and didn't see them, having a heart attack the whole time. In a few minutes they were reunited but daddy says it felt like hours. When they were walking in the mall a few minutes later India saw a little boy with his daddy and said, "I hope that his daddy doesn't get lost because he doesn't have a sister or brother to wait with." We are down to our last 2 weeks of school before summer vacation! Then we will have a Kindergartener and a Preschooler - AMAZING! We are soooo looking forward to the summer and the time we get to spend with the girls. Love you all!! The Museum of Nature and Science Making Mars Rivers
Their own African percussion band
Puppet Show
Sharing a pillow and blanket in the morning
Making chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels
Our princess hair dresser
India was supposed to be sleeping and came downstairs looking like this asking for water :-)
Painting their toe nails (Moms be advised - nail polish takes the finish off of wood tables)
Helping to clean the patio
Painting flower pots
Sister Love

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Hey Family! We have decided that we have crossed over to official spring - meaning no more snow! Temperatures are still fluctuating but the days are beautiful and we are spending as much time as possible outside. Here are some photos of what we have been up to. Surprising mom on her birthday
Princess Belle
Our Princesses
On the way in to the Nuggets Game
Getting spoiled by Daddy
Watching the pregame show. The cheerleaders were their favorite part. Although I did catch the girls sitting on the couch a few weeks later yelling "Shoot the Ball!" at the basketball game on TV.
Flying kites
The girls relaxing at our yard sale. We figured out that a townhome community is not the ideal location for a yard sale but we did okay. The ball pit that the girls are laying in did go :-)