Sunday, April 29, 2007

One Month Old

Who remembers life before children? We sure don't, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. India has made us realize we will never need an alarm clock again and no sound in the house will go unheard. She was able to spend time with Grandad Washington this weekend. During their first minutes of alone time she officially welcomed him to Colorado....who knew that boys aren't the only ones you have to watch out for:) He recovered quickly and sighed in relief of Mom and Dad's return.
We are now out of Newborn diapers and a few outfits had to be retired. Her favorite activities are playing with Daddy, which includes being rolled across the bed, hanging upside down by her feet, and going for walks.
We Love You,
Linwood, Sara, and India

Thursday, April 19, 2007

2-3 weeks old

India is 3 weeks old today and she is growing like crazy (at least it seems like it to us). She has started to adapt a schedule that includes dancing and calisthetics with Daddy from 8-11 PM so that she sleeps at night. Who would've guessed but infants fight sleep just like every other kid. During this time she sees just how loud she can scream and kick and push up with her arms. She is rolling from her back to her side and is practicing tummy time on a daily basis. She now coos and makes sounds that resemble giggles. We are loving being parents!

God Bless You,

Linwood and Sara

There's also a picture here of Linwood's new hair do.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

India's First Week

We have been home from the hospital since Saturday and are adjusting well to life as new parents. Everyday is more and more fun and we learn more about our daughter. Some of the things we have learned......

1. Music calms the savage beast and the most beautiful babies. We found out that India loves music. Not only does she love music, she loves to dance - just like her Daddy. They are having themselves a ball! Linwood says that he hopes that he feels like dancing at 3:00 in the morning because that's when she'll need it the most. He has yet to try out this theory.

Her eyes have changed from blue to brown and she opens them often.

She has the most beautiful smile on earth. She's a little camera's been difficult to catch her on film doing her cute things.

When she wakes up she stretches her arms above her head and kicks her feet. Of course that is if she doesn't wake up screaming:)

Taking care of a baby is truly a round the clock, full time job. We are enjoying every minute of it!

Here are some new pictures of our beloved.

We love you all,

Linwood, Sara, and India

Sunday, April 01, 2007

India Washington


7pds, 8oz, 20 in long, wonderful, strong, healthy and beautiful. India Bianca arrived Thursday March 29 at 3:19 pm mtn time. Her and mom are doing fine.

Birth is a marvalous experience and simply a miracle from God. I thank him daily for the two magnificent females he has blessed me with.

Here are some pictures of India during her first two days of life.

Also they took pics at the hospital and you can visit her web nursery at Click on web nursery and enter India's information. There are two albums India Washington and Baby Girl Washington they are both her.

The password is Washington.

We will keep you posted.

Peace Love and God Bless You

Linwood, Sara and India Bianca