Sunday, October 23, 2011

India's School Pictures

India is growing up so fast! Here are her school pictures from her second year of preschool and an example of the "play plans" she makes everyday to show what she is going to do that day. Her most common one is "I am going to be the mom." We are so proud of her!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Animals Galore

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather so we took advantage of it and were outside as much as possible. We visited the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, which was surprisingly fascinating as it used to be a weapons manufacturing site and military base and went to the zoo (without a wagon or stroller!). Linwood has been resting because he had his wisdom teeth removed last week. Jordyn does not miss an opportunity to tell people, "My daddy's tooth hurts." The girls are so sweet that Linwood actually has three moms :-)

Our trip to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Reguge

Looking at the coyote display.

The Bison herd on the refuge

Jordyn playing in the education room

India dancing at the zoo.

The girls looking at the zebras

India was actually saying "cheese" but not looking at the camera

There's a post. (Right before the iguana kissed Jordyn through the glass)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fall is finally here

Fall is finally arriving here in Colorado. Overall it has been really warm...we are hoping that translates to a mild winter. This weekend was our first really cool few days. In fact the foothills had snow. While we didn't get any, we can see it from our windows!
The girls are doing great! They get more and more adventerous every day. Each night when we are tucking them in Jordyn has to know, "What are we doing tomorrow?" and "What are we doing after that." It is so much fun to watch them grow and witness their little minds working. India told said "daddy when I grow up I'm going to drive myself to kindergarden". I am sure it will be happening before we know it!
Here are some pics of some of what we've been up to.

Making firetrucks at Lowe's

The finished product

Jordyn putting her stickers on

At the circus

Despite the huge smiles in this picture we did have a really good time :-)

Making cookies...or should I say eating cookie dough?

The girls at their first Rockies game.

They did sit for a little while.

And they had a playground there.

The girls first ride in the back of a police car. An officer gave us a ride back to our car after the game (Linwood had to work that night).

Jordyn fell asleep reading her Bible

Swimming Lessons

India at Jordyn's Tae Kwon Do Class