Friday, January 23, 2009

Daddy's Girls

Jordyn went to the doctors for her 2 month check up last week. She is 11 lb. 6.5 oz. and 22 1/2 inches tall. Both girls have colds and we found out that Jordyn has an ear infection...poor little thing!
It just seems like everyday the girls are getting more and more in synch with each other. India gives out lots of hugs and kisses everyday and Jordyn smiles and squeels at the sound of her big sister's voice. If it weren't for eating they wouldn't need us around at all! Speaking of eating, India is going on another of her hunger strikes. She doesn't seem interested in anything we put on her plate. What she eats one day, she doesn't eat the next. Pizza (affectionately referred to as PP by India) is usually a winner. Other than that, every meal is hit or miss. We figure she won't starve to death. If she was hungry enough those peas would look pretty good:) Jordyn on the other hand never misses a meal!! She is such a pleasant baby, always smiling and cooing.
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We love you all,
Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jordyn - Two months old

Jordyn is getting bigger by the second! She is such a joy! Fortunatly for us we have another mild tempered baby. She is now smiling regularly, moving her arms, and kicking her legs. She has discovered that she has hands but the feet are still a mystery! She is now sleeping for a good 3-4 hours at a time - much better than her big sister slept at two months. During tummy time she can lift her head up and move it from side to side. She also likes to practice standing on her legs. All of the hugs and kisses from India have resulted in Jordyn's first cold. It's so sad to watch such a little one coughing and congested! Hopefully she'll be back to herself in no time. She has the other females in the house wrapped around her finger. One little sound and Jordyn waits to see which one will be there first. Jordyn is a night owl like her daddy so after Sportscenter she gets read to. With lots of joy we send our love. Linwood, Sara, Bianca and Linara

India - 21 months old

We can officially say that the weight of parenting is falling upon us as we are beginning to realize that these little ones are soaking in everything that we do and say. One of India's favorite activities is putting on Mommy's sunglasses, grabbing her purse, baby, and waving "Bye" as she slides down the steps towards the door. She tries to put Daddy's wallet into her back pocket and her baby loves to go for rides in Jordyn's carseat. She's even learned how to dip her cookies in milk!!!

BIG NEWS: While we haven't jumped completely into potty training mode, we try to get India on the potty at least once per day and .... she has gone pee and had her first poop on the potty!!!! We are so proud of her and hopefully can ease on into full fledged potty training.

India has also just begun sleeping in her big girl bed. We took the side off of the crib so that she doesn't have a choice (and we can't give in and put her in her crib when she cries). It's only been 2 nights but we're making progress. On the first night she cried and kept climbing out. We were persistent and used Super Nanny's strategy of just putting her back in bed. Eventually the sleep monster won and she fell asleep. Last night she only wimpered a little bit and we thought she did excellent. When we checked on her a few hours later she was passed out on the floor hugging her blanket. It was soooo cute!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Morning

The day has finally arrived!! We were definately more excited than India for Christmas morning to arrive. It is so much more fun being the parents than the child. India had no idea what she was about to experience when she woke up in the morning. As she was coming downstairs she stopped on the landing in shock of what she saw in front of her, this was not the same living room that she went to bed seeing. It only took a few seconds for her shock to turn into excitement and she was sliding down the stairs as fast as she could. We had set up the little keyboard that Aunt Mary and Uncle Wallace had gotten her, turned on a bubble machine, and there were packages everywhere from Santa, Grandma and Grandpa, and packages from her Aunts and Uncles. She went right to the keyboard, sat down and began playing as if she had been doing it all her life. I think we might have a musician on our hands! Everyone was such a blessing with all of the thoughtful gifts that they sent...personalized items, blankets, clothes, books, toys, and so much more!!!! India has played with it all and is in heaven. We spent the second half of our Christmas Day passing out treats and greetings at the hospital. We left the hospital, made a stop by the Rescue Mission then came home and enjoyed Christmas dinner together. Jordyn slept most of the day in the comfort of her sisters screaming.

Christmas Party

The week before Christmas was packed full of excitement. India had a Christmas party with her friends from daycare. She got to sit on Santa's lap again and even let her little sister sit with her. This was not such a joyous occasion...Linwood and I take comfort in the fact that she doesn't like to sit on stranger's laps:) We also had a Christmas get together with our family in Colorado. India had a blast running around, playing with Cenika, and pulling Al and Stacey's dog's hair. She was quite the musician playing Guitar Hero with everyone. Jordyn slept most of the night and was an adorable addition to the party.
We miss all of our friends and family and hope that everyone on the East Coast is enjoying their holiday.
We love you!!
Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn