Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Watch Me Play!

What's happening now?

I know the anticipation is killing you....I have been crawling for the past 4 months, have been pulling myself up for the past 2 months, am taking steps holding on to Mommy and Daddy and with my walker,.....however I am not walking yet:) Mommy and Daddy try everyday to get me to walk to them. I appease them by letting go and showing them that I can stand for a few seconds. Crawling is so much faster...I just don't understand why anyone would risk the pain of falling over from a standing position when they can just crawl.

I got my first bloody lip this week. I hit my mouth on my toy box. I think it hurt Mommy and Daddy more than me...I'm pretty tough.

I continue to be healthy and am growing bigger and stronger everyday. Hopefully you are all doing the same.

I love you,