Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas and Christmas Break

We hope that everyone had an excellent holiday! Ours has been relaxing, exciting, busy, and joyous. There is not much better than Christmas with little kids :-) Over our break we had snow, sun, family time, celebrations, and quiet time. India and Jordyn also received an elf on the shelf and they were ecstatic to see where "Buddy" ended up each morning and what mischief he had caused. In fact they cried when he had to go back with Santa until next year. Regardless of the activity, we ended each and every day talking about how blessed we are. Love you all!

We found the girls trying to sleep together one night.

Breakfast in bed for daddy = breakfast upstairs for the girls (very exciting).

Photo by Jordyn

Photo by India

Decorating a Christmas box that came in the mail.

Bass Pro Shop

What's not to love?

Christmas Dinner - India, Jordyn, and Cenika doing the hair of Angelo, Sugars, and Anissa

Jordyn relaxes as she gets her feet rubbed by Aunt Mary

Christmas morning (Santa and the postman found our house) Thank you :-)

The girls playing with their dollhouse

So excited!

Zoo Lights Christmas night

Posing for the camera

In the hippos mouth

Estes Park

Braving the cold and wind

The elk are just starting to get their antlers back

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Photos

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! The girls are officially off until after the New Year and the Christmas spirit is in full swing. We saw the Christmas play at church last night and we will be baking, visiting Santa, and doing Christmas projects all week. Right now Santa and Jesus are best friends at our house. The girls want everything they do and say to make Jesus AND Santa happy. It is so much fun!!!
In fact, the girls each got a personalized message from Santa and they were soooo excited. Here's the site parents, .

We had some family photos taken last weekend in Evergreen, CO. Even though there was snow on the ground it was in the 40's so it was a beautiful day. (And we weren't abusing our children by taking them outside without proper gear).

Monday, December 05, 2011


Denver got hit with a few Arctic Blasts and we have gone from 70 degrees to single digits. This weekend it was snowy and cold. We decided to just chill at home and enjoy each other. Of course by the end of the weekend we were getting a little stir crazy and had to create our own fun. Thank God for a warm house and fabulous family!!!!

India getting ready to go out in the snow

Jordyn getting ready

Jordyn shoveling the snow back on the sidewalk

India covered with snow

Fun in the house


"Hello, this is India"

Making our own fun camping in the basement

Our Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving week in CO. In fact Thanksgiving Day was a beautiful 70 degrees! The girls were up bright and early to help with the cooking. Their apple dumplings were a favorive amongst everyone. The day was so busy that we don't have very many pictures. Here are a few of them playing with their cousin Cenika. Much to the girls delight she spent the night so they had a lot of quality time together. This time of year we realize that we have so many things to be thankful for! God, our families, our friends, jobs, a place to live that is dry and warm,food on our tables, and so much more!
Love you all!