Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jumping Video

I hope that you can open this... It's a video of India jumping in her Jumperoo. She is just so cute we can't stand it!!!

"I Get Around"

It just seems like the weeks are flying by...each one better than the last. India is just full of personality and smiles! She just loves playing with her toys and has discovered that if she throws them, we will get them for her. She continues to chew everything and gets upset if a toy is taken from her. She has developed a rather efficient way of moving around. She will get up on her knees and push herself forward while still on her elbows....kind of like an inch worm.

The highlight of this week was definately seeing Grandpa Zutell on the way home from his elk hunting excursion. You can see his antlers in the background of the picture:)

We just want to thank all of you who have and are providing her with clothes and other things that she needs. We really, really appreciate it!!

Love you all,

Linwood, Sara, and India

Friday, September 14, 2007

Growing like a weed

Hello All!

India seems like she is growing inches everyday. She is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes. This past week India went to her first baseball game, the Rockies vs Padres. She's not crawling yet but up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth in bliss! Dropping her off with the babysitter hasn't gotten any easier but we know that it's harder on us than it is on India.

Bath time is ever so joyful, she's learning how to separate by throwing all the toys out of the tub she doesn't want. She kicks and splashes water everywhere with her hands.

This week she has eaten zucchini and apples, both of which she really seemed to like. If we could just get her to see that she can't eat and suck on her fingers at the same time.

We love you,

Linwood, Sara, and India

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

5 months old and got a cold

We hope that you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as much as we did. Ours was jam-packed with walks, a trip to the park, a picnic, and lots of quality family time.

We've also reached a new milestone...India has gotten her first cold. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later now that she's started to go to the babysitters, but it is so sad to see. Her poor little eyes are red and she has trouble breathing through her nose. Other than taking a few extra naps she doesn't seem bothered by it all that much. As parents I think that our failed attempts to make her feel better were far more bothersome than the cold itself. We have learned our lesson...sometimes you can't make things instantly better, you just have to be patient and wait it out. Today she is almost back to normal and so are we:)

We Love You All!

Linwood, Sara, and India