Thursday, June 30, 2016

2 more weeks of school

2 more weeks of school and the girls are looking forward to an exciting summer. The snow finally melted and the girls were able to go out on a bike ride with Linwood.

June 2016

 India recording a song with her guitar tunes at a museum.
 After church and lunch walking through a furniture store
 Posing near the state we were born at Mount Rushmore.
 The girls with dad and the Rushmore heads in the background.
 My favorite person on the planet, well at least from PA.
 Family in South Dakota
 Bear country in South Dakota. Placed all the bears in the state inside a museum/park.

 The sunset on our way home from SD

 The girls with Buffalo in the background.

 A cool Bridge during our trip.
 Above our heads is Mount Rushmore.
 A wolf inside the animal park. Kept away from the bears.

 Badlands on our way home was beautiful enough for us to only see once in our lifetime. Linwood told the girls if you ever come again or bring their children one day to leave him at home.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Life as we enter the summer break.

 Hanging out in the girls room having fun before bedtime.

 Jordyn and dad sitting on the patio before we go up to read books.
 The had a sleepover and was hanging out on the swing the next day.
 Let's go mining the first week school was out.
 First grilling of the summer season.