Thursday, February 26, 2009

23 months and 3 months

Everyday we ponder where the time has gone. The Washington girls are growing and getting more and more beautiful every day! India has decided she's ready to talk more and picks up more and more words everyday. It's amazing the things that she repeats:-) The weather has been beautiful here for the past week (50's and 60's) so we've gotten to play outside. This is where India is in heaven! She runs around climbing up sliding boards, pushing her cars, playing in the rocks, and screaming with delight. If you want to win her over, give her a ball! Jordyn tolerates being outside for short periods of time. This is typically not her favorite activity because she's usually strapped into something and not getting her share of the attention. She is almost always happy and smiling and has a way of stealing everyone's heart that sees her. We wish we could give her a pill to get her stop growing...just for a little while longer. Her latest and greatest are rolling onto her side, scootching in a circle, sucking on her fingers...any of them, and squealing to get her big sister's attention.
We love you and miss you,
Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jordyn in the Spotlight

Valentine's 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Our little Valentines are doing amazing. India has officially progressed to her own big girl bed and forfeited the crib for her baby sister. She is finding the toddler bed much safer than the crib and has not fallen out or been found sleeping in an odd place since this transition. She is talking more and more everyday. This month her daycare (and at home) is focusing on a color every week. She has learned red and blue. This week is green week. India is a great sharer when it comes to her food. At the table she loves to say "Want some?" and "Eat" as she pushes half eaten, already chewed food our way. It's cute! Jordyn is getting more exciting everyday as well. As far as she's concerned her hands are the most fascinating thing on the planet. She is not a fan of tummy time and gets mad everytime she is forced to practice. I must say that she's getting pretty good at it though! I think she'll be an early crawler based on her trying to push up with her legs everytime she's on her belly. She keeps on getting tougher as well. This weekend she took her first spill when India decided she wanted to lay where Jordyn was and "gently pushed" her onto the floor. Never a dull moment! We love you all! Linwood, Sara, India, and Jordyn

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

The girls here are wonderful!! Jordyn is growing out of all of her clothes, India is holding onto the wall walking up the stairs and the other day was reading a book, holding it with both hands and walking up the stairs. I told Linwood we could go on a date after the girls went to bed but he diagreed. India has a sit and spin, mom thought that she couldn't go without it. Instead of her sitting and spinning she stands and spins until she hits the deck. We laugh at her so she laughs with us. No blood means no crying in the Washington house. The other morning India asked to go to the potty and went like a big girl all by herself. We are so proud of her!! Linwood is just happy he will only have to buy pampers for one person soon instead of two.

Even though Jordyn favors her mom in comaparison to who her older sister looks like, she is on her way to becoming a daddy's girl for sure.
Who needs a son when you have two girls that are simply crazy about you.
They both will be into sports by choice we hope. India throws and plays ball with her dad almost daily.

India is now in her big girl bed and that gives her the liberty to roam when she wakes up. In fact, we never know where we will find her when we check on her. One night she climbed into Mommy's glider and fell asleep. This weekend during nap time she was laying on a pillow on the floor with her legs crossed and her diaper on the other side of the room. It's never a suprise when we look in her room since the move into the new bed.
Peace Love and God Bless You!!

Linwood, Sara, India and Jordyn