Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jordyn is 5!!

I just cannot believe that my baby is 5 years old! I am so proud of her kind heart and giving spirit. She is a caretaker of others, helper, and very independent. Watch out because she will not forget a thing that you tell her. She can think ahead, solve problems. and she feels every emotion to the fullest. Jordyn is brilliant and she is ready to take on the world.

Just this week we were in the car and she asked me "how old you have to be to study what you want to be." I asked her why she was asking and she said it was because she wants to be a doctor and wants to learn how to do it. I love this girl!!!

Jordyn chose a painting party this year and it was a success. I think it was the most fun, nonstressful party yet. Here are some pictures of the fun.

Halloween Pics

Boy does time fly! In fact some days it is moving forward fast and furiously. Today was a snowy, cold, and beautiful day in Denver. I had the privilege of going to India's school to see her accept an Achievement Award for her progress in reading. So proud of her!!! Hard to believe that just a few days ago I was enjoying a 60 degree day with Jordyn to celebrate her 5th birthday. Our girls are growing up so fast and it is so fun to see them become little ladies.

Here are some pictures of fall fun in Colorado :-)

My bags of jelly beans