Monday, June 18, 2012

Bravery, summer days, ...

Summer vacation continues. We feel so blessed every day to have this time to spend with our girls. Our days at the pool continue and just this past week the girls have found their inner fish. The have grown so independent that they don't even want you looking at them while they are swimming because they can do it themselves. Goggles in place they dive under the water again and again moving their arms and legs around, "swimming." we love their confidence and are sure they will be swimming by the end of the summer. We have enjoyed sleepovers with Cousin Cenika, gone to the museum of nature and science, gone to the movies, and completed so many "projects" at home. Here are some pics! Two peas in a pod The local Elementary School serves free lunches to kids all summer. The girls love it and feel so grown up! I will definately say that school lunches have changed since when I was a kid. Everything is premade and there just isn't the "love" put into it that there used to be. Jordyn at dance class. The girls giving a puppet show. These photos were taken with my cell phone - sorry about the quality. Jordyn was so brave! She could barely stand waiting in line to touch this 10 foot python! India and I decided to watch and take the photos :-)

Thursday, June 07, 2012


This has been a FABULOUS week! We joined the local rec center which comes complete with admission to all of the pools, indoor and outdoor. We have gone swimming almost every day which makes for two happy, tired little ladies :-) Yesterday and today we have had crazy storms. In the middle of the night last night the Tornado sirens went off -- we slept right through them, thank God for the angels that were over our house. We made an emergency kit today just in case. The girls have been talking about tornados ever since and even played that there was a tornado and they had to take cover with their friends at the playground. The town next to us got an entire foot of hail and the snow plows had to come out and plow. Despite the random weather it has just been a glorious start to the summer! Dance Class. Jordyn's first one. India decided in the middle of the class that dance class was not for her :-) Swimming Lessons. Jordyn India Hail piles in June

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Summer Vacation has begun!!!

Despite a quick bout with the flu this weekend, our summer vacation has begun and we are raring to go!!! We are counting down until our DisneyLand vacation (and Grandma and Grandpa's visit) and ready to hit the pool, zoo, library, and do whatever else comes to mind :-) On the girls last day of school/daycare we took them out for ice cream to celebrate. Jordyn was acting kind of strange/sad but we figured it was the change of routine to the summer. Well that night she got out of bed and came downstairs crying because she was so sad that India wouldn't be going to Tisa's anymore and she didn't want to go if India wasn't going. It was really touching! No matter how much they fight, they love each other and miss each other when they are not together. Catching Butterflies
No fear climbing to the top of the playground equipment!
Planting Flowers
Horsey Rides
The last day of school/daycare the girls had to bring a picnic lunch. They decorated their own lunch bags and packed their own lunches the night before. Usually in the morning I am asking them multiple times to go potty,get their shoes on, etc. This morning they were so excited that they were ready to walk out the door 15 minutes early!