Monday, March 31, 2014

India's 7th Birthday

It is hard to believe that India is 7 already! She wanted a horse party so we made it a horse/cowgirl party. It was over spring break so many of her friends were traveling, but I think we had the perfect amount of guests and fun! Rasheed got so much attention that he slept for hours after it was over. It was a beautiful day outside so we were able to do games and playing outside. Here are some pictures...
The "horse cupcake cake" we made at home.

The calm before the party.

Playing in the backyard. I forgot to take pictures of the games. We did the sack race, 3-legged race, wheelbarrow race, and cake walk.

Posing for a picture.

Opening her presents.

Jordyn was the designated helper.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

I asked them all to say "Hee Haw" when I took the picture.

Funny Faces :-).

Monday, March 24, 2014

In Jesus Name

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days we have had in our lives and as a family. A couple of weeks ago India mentioned to us that she wanted to be baptized so we prayed about it, talked with her more and made it happen. Glory to God our oldest child was baptized in Jesus name March 23, 2013.
Pictures will follow soon.

Photo Drop

Here are a bunch of pictures from my phone over the past month.
India and Jordyn both got their hair straightened for the first time by a student at my work. They got a new straightener that uses steam and is less damaging to the hair. It was fun but definitely a once in a while treat. It was fun to see how long their hair is straight.

Jordyn at her "Green Eggs and Ham breakfast" at Preschool. Hair still out and long after straightening.

India and her girl scout troop had a Teddy Bear Tea Party for Valentine's Day.

The girls rode their bikes to Clement Park to feed the geese. I ran along :-).

Linwood has started refereeing basketball games. The girls and I went to watch a game and they had to get dressed up like referees too.

We only had one referee outfit so India decided the bumblebee costume was close enough.

We had to leave when the girls got bored and started to grab Linwood's butt every time he came close to us.
They love their daddy!

Our newest addition

The girls have been asking for a dog for months and months. We had to tell India that Santa was not able to bring live animals on the sleigh....and then we said that we needed to wait until we got a house with a yard...eventually we ran out of excuses. So, who knew that Craigslist also sold pets?! We happened across this little guy and decided as a family that he would be a great fit for us. This weekend he turned 10 weeks and he is a bundle of puppy love, ankle biting cuteness.
Since he is a boy, daddy decided that he should get to name him.
Meet Rasheed. Named after Daddy's favorite basketball player, Rasheed Wallace. We'll see if he grows into his name.
This is Rasheed on the first night we got him. He was 8 weeks old.

With his favorite toy. Sleeping half in and half out of his bed.

He's growing!
Sorry all the pics are of him sleeping. He really is adorable when he is awake and playing but we haven't been able to juggle him and the camera.

Settling In

Hi Family,
After a long blog hiatus I think that we are back on track. Our move went smoothly and our new house is feeling like home. I guess you could say that we have a "new normal".... and we like it :-)! Everyday we wake up Linwood and I talk about how abundantly God has blessed us. He is so good!!!
Here are a few photos of some of the main rooms in the house. This is how it looks everyday - with us living in it - so excuse the mess.

Dining Room - I am sitting at the chair with the computer right now writing to you.

Our yard. And the girls playing out there - which is why I have time to sit down and write this post :-). That little white fluff ball beside Jordyn is our  new puppy.

India and Jordyn's Room. Even though they didn't have to, they still chose to share a room. Not sure how long that will last but it sure is sweet for the time being.

Our guest room out of the two room suite. So, just in case you were wondering if we had room for you, we do :-).

The girls' playroom. This will be Jordyn's room when she decides it's time to move.

Our family room has a sink in it....strange...not sure why, guess it was a 70's thing.