Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is drawing near and we are so, so excited to see you all!!!! India is loving her first Christmas tree....although she did look at her Daddy a little funny for bringing a tree into the house. Whenever we're not looking she finds her way over to pull the needles, grab a ball, or just sit underneath.

As the big girl she is she has started to demand more solid foods that she can feed herself. She doesn't want help anymore....Ms.Independent. This is a messy, but fun, experience for us all. She is cutting more teeth and has again been cranky and in a little bit of pain. Strangly we saw the teeth before the crankiness this time. I guess they are all different.

Thank you again to everyone who is sending adorable outfits for India. She is the best dressed baby I've seen!

We hope you're enjoying the Christmas season as much as we are.

See you soon!


Linwood, Sara, and India

Sunday, December 02, 2007

8 months old - what a big girl!

India is becoming quite the big girl! This past week she has graduated from the baby bathtub into a bath ring. She just loves it..kicking and splashing whoever is close by! She has a harder time reaching her toys but does a good job of splashing them towards her.

We lowered her crib mattress to the lowest setting so that she doesn't jump out. She is pulling herself up on her knees and to standing whenever possible. We put her in her new lower crib to see how she liked the new view and she just played and played in there! It is such a blessing to have a baby who can entertain herself.

Shopping is so much easier now that India can sit in the cart. She loves being able to look around at everything and everyone around her. When we were picking out her Christmas tree she entertained all the other customers by squealing and screaming with delight! We even gave in and got her one of those singing toys. She is so spoiled:)

We are so so excited for the upcoming holidays and our trip east to see everyone!!!!

Until then, Love you all,

Linwood, Sara, and India