Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Jordyn!

Our baby is now three years old! India and Jordyn are growing up right before our eyes and it is so fun and absolutely amazing to watch. Every new day they do or say something that catches us by surprise. Jordyn had a gymnastics party for her birthday and invited her friends from daycare and the neighborhood...and of course cousin Cenika. They had a blast! The pictures do not do it justice. The kids were moving so fast that the majority of our pictures turned out blurry. Jordyn was on Cloud 9 all afternoon, all day actually. Thank you to all of our family and friends, both near and far, who made her birthday special.

Jordyn opening her presents

...and cards

She had help from her big sister.

Gymnastics Party!

Thanks for the help Ms. Rachel!

The big trampoline was the hit of the party.

Hanging with Cousin Cenika

India on the rings

Family Photo

There was snacks,

and of course cake.

The "present-opening huddle."

The group :-)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our Princesses

Hope everyone is well! We had a great time dressing in costumes and going "Trunk or Treating." The girls got to dress up three separate days. India was Cinderella each time, but Jordyn wanted to change it up. The first day she was Ariel, then she was a Hippy, and on the third day she was a referree. The benefits of having a costume box! Jordyn is anxiously awaiting her birthday in a week and a half and is consumed with everything "Ariel." When we ask her what she wants for her birthday, she just says, "Cupcakes."
India is growing up so fast. The other night at dinner she told Linwood that he needed to buy her a car. When asked why she said, "Because next year I need to drive to Kindergarden." We laughed but she was totally serious....a sparkly car. She was disappointed to hear that she had to wait until she was 16 to get a car and drive.
The girls are also excited about their new baby cousins on the way. They are ready to spoil them. Jordyn even says that she will change diapers:-)

Playing in the car while Daddy cleans it.

Resting before "Trunk or Treating"


Jordyn roping a steer

Loving Daddy time!


Ready to go out and play

Jordyn at the park

India chasing Daddy with snow


Jordyn, our ballerina doing TaeKwonDo

India at her class