Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day!

This evening at dinner we all had our time to pray for whatever we chose as we were blessings the meal. Jordyn started us off with a bang then India chimed in by asking The Lord for more days like today without the gifts or food but that we can go and be a blessing unto others more often.
Today we went to wrap Christmas gift then took them to the projects to children who didn't receive gifts for Christmas.
The joy in the hearts of Sara and I was warm by the heartfelt words from our little angels.
In the photo she is holding a flyer that says "Twas the night before Jesus Came" standing in front of gifts unloaded from our car to give to children. The other photo show the girls enjoying their own Christmas gifts.
We are ever grateful to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for being God of our lives.
Merry Christmas 2015!!

We Love you!1
Linwood, Sara, India and Jordyn

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oh yeah

The girls refused to sit on the lap of the guy in red at the mall. They know daddy is their Santa and has to go across the world Thursday night 2015. Hold on that not it because we also have a few other family conversations that we will share with you in person.
The girls have been doing well at school, dad enjoys his new job and mom works hard at being Awesome in all she does.
Mom of 3, wife, leader, friend, sister daughter, aunt, cousin, virtuous, set apart,, chef, teacher and blessed!
Oh but let's remember Linus and the truth he speaks this time of year.
Merry Christmas
Love you Much!
Linwood, Sara Jordyn, India and Rasheed

Dad Versus Who?

The other day we were sharing how much we love the girls and how they are a blessing from God. India replied "dad you're the best dad ever only because Jesus didn't have children". The comparison isn't close but the compliment is well taken.
the girls have been wrapping gifts for 2 weeks. Christmas needs to come soon before the entire house be wrapped and placed under the tree.
Thanks to al the family and friends for the Christmas gifts, cards, love and prayers. We love you in return. Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year.
Linwood, Sara, India and Jordyn

Sunday, October 18, 2015

MoM's Retirement 2015

Life has a way of bringing those we love together. I'm grateful my girls had the opportunity to share time and create memories with family this weekend.