Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Coming Soon....Baby Gates

Just when we thought India couldn't get any cuter.... here we go again! Going to the babysitter has really helped her social skills, she's now talking to anything that smiles at her. Don't get it wrong, we're still her favorite people:)

The world of solid foods is very exciting...we've progressed from green beans to sweet potatoes, to peas, and now she is eating bananas. She loves bananas! The first night we fed them to her she ate almost an entire banana herself. Of course I should have been a better monitor because she ended up with a belly ache.

India's days consist of eating, drinking, rolling, sucking on her fingers and occassionally her thumb(somehow she found it without your help Gram:)), grabbing any and everything in front of her, skootching across the floor, reading, trying to eat books, and playing in the tub. She has almost mastered sitting up alone. Once she's up she always gets distracted, lunges for something that catches her eye, and falls over.

We love and miss you all. We don't have any big plans for this holiday weekend so feel free to stop by and visit:)

Linwood, Sara, and India

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"We are Family"

Hello ALL

Family and freinds let me start by saying thank you and I love you for the wonderful time I had during my 1st trip to Virginia.
In this weeks edition of the site I wanna send my appreciation, in other words a shout out.
During my 1st trip to the East Coast it was great!! I was showered with lots of love for 2 whole weeks from loved ones I had never met. I recieved love from people that I never new existed. :-)
From old folks to young and fun. Ladies to teach me things and males to protect me.
I can still feel the love!!!
To all of you Thanks
I Love You
India aka I.B.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cute Smile

...and you have to have a picture of my smile instead of just the funny faces I make and funny places I go...

Wiggle Worm Washington

India has earned a new nickname, Wiggle Worm Washington. She seems to be constantly moving. She moves in her sleep, while she eats, as she plays,....all the time she is moving! We have found her sleeping with her arm hanging out of the crib. The other night we even found her with her legs hanging out the side of the crib. We couldn't resist taking a picture of this:)

India has also begun eating some baby foods. She started with cereal and this week she had her first real food...green beans. She's not sure whether she likes them or not. You can see by her pictures that her initial reaction is not that pleasant. For some reason she keeps asking for more. What she really wants is food off of our plates. She is constantly grabbing at our plates and food. Sometimes Daddy gets weak and lets her have a handful.

All of this food has made India pretty strong. She can grab and lift just about anything. See her carry her playmat? These are all good signs for her becoming the basketball player her Daddy knows she will be.

We miss you all and love you even more,

Linwood, Sara, and India

Monday, August 06, 2007

4 Month Checkup

India had her 4 month checkup today and she couldn't be healthier. She is 14 1/2 lbs. and 25 inches tall. She did have to get another round of shots but handled it like a pro.

Other exciting news, she has been eating cereal for a little over a week. She has finally started to swallow it instead of pushing it all back out of her mouth. I will say that she is going to be one of those kids that needs a plastic lining all around their highchair. As she takes a bite she likes to make "raspberries" sending most of the cereal back at the feeder. She also thinks she should be able to feed herself and this results in quite a mess. All of it is so fun though!!

We are having a ball together and enjoying our last week together before school starts. Yesterday she climbed the Red Rocks stairs with her family. She wanted to keep going but Mommy was tired.

We love you!

Linwood, Sara, and India