Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finally a beautiful weekend!

The weather here has been a mix of days that are rainy and chilly and sunny and beautiful. Of course who can complain as we watch the news of devastation in MS and OK. It just rips at my heart to see such heartache, death, and destruction. I just pray that God showers down the strength and love that each and every person needs. I pray that He uses people to be compassionate and share the Gospel with those hurting. And most of all I pray that he provides comfort and peace to all those who lost loved ones and homes.

We truly had a wonderful weekend here. Cenika spent the weekend with the girls and we were able to have school, go to the zoo, go to church, and spend countless hours just playing. It was a joy for ALL of us!!!
Playing with play-doh


Dancing butterfly and lady bug

Preschool in the play room

Practicing the number one

Playing dress up

More dress up

At the elephants (tried to have them pose)

Watching the monkeys play

Making Get Well cards

Our own little band

Ready for church

Always on the move

The ultimate horsy ride

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where does the time go?

The days (and weeks) have just been FLYING by! We are so ready for summer... 10 more days of school (but who's counting?). We have been our usual state of busy, trying to soak in every moment of these little girls. They are growing up so fast! I am having more and more thoughts that amid the sibling rivalry, potty training, loss of naps, and 2 hour bed time sagas these are truly precious times we will never get back. I think I am a bit sentimental because I volunteered at India's preschool this morning and witnessed first hand just how grown up she and sweet she is with her teachers and peers. It was a lot of fun and a far cry from my usual days with 11th and 12th graders. Here are some pictures of our fun times together.
We love you!

Our shower caps

Jordyn putting on chapstick wearing her outfit Grandma made

India at Mommy's work on Bring your child to work day

Playing hide and seek at Mommy's work

Cleaning the sit and spin while we cleaned the patio furniture

India and Jordyn sharing the hose (they picked out their outfits themselves)

Our once clean patio - that lasted about 10 minutes

Heading to the park, bags packed with snacks and a drink


Tonight, when she was supposed to be sleeping

Her partner in crime