Saturday, June 18, 2011


We are a few weeks into summer vacation and I have to say... Being with my girls is the greatest. Of course keeping a 2 and 4 year old happily occupied does use quite a bit of brain power. While there are days that we miss the "baby stage," we are enjoying the independence of our children. We have the best conversations and they say the funniest things. Here are just a few examples:

1. India has been taking medicine (which she does not like). Yesterday after giving her medicine she told me, "Here mom, now you take a bite of my butt and drink something" I made a face and told her I didn't want to, but she insisted I would be ok if I would just take a drink after eating something I didn't like. I obliged. Then she said, "Here's another bite mom." I told her I didn't want another bite and she said, "You have to take another bite, this is from the other cheek."

2. While at the park a lady said said to Jordyn "you have on a very pretty dress". Jordyn replied " thank you very much but I actually have on a skirt." :-)

3. India and was eating dinner on the porch at her little table. I asked what the birds were having for dinner. She thought for a second and said, "Bird seeds the same thing they ate for breakfast."

4. We are thankful for an extremely sturdy and resilent refrigerator as we find little girls scaling the inside to get what the want off the top shelf.

5. India was riding on my shoulders at the mall the other day and said, "Mom, put me down, I have to toot." She gets her manners from me :-)

6. Jordyn and I were playing and I gave her a kiss and said I love you pretty Jordyn; she replied " I love you too pretty daddy".

7. Jordyn's favorite things: the muffin man, reminding others to use their manners, singing, playing in water, finding treasure, playing outside, wearing skirts or dresses, Tai Kwon Do punches and kicks, walking in another direction from us in the mall and her daddy.

8. India's favorite things: playing in water, singing, dancing jumping, horse back rides, ice in her drinks, helping mom in the kitchen, superman, church, popcicles, and her daddy.

Chillin' by the pool

This is fun!

Fish Races


Learning how to be doctors

The doctors with their patients

Firefighter India

The crew

We hiked to the top of the mountain.


Jordyn's "game face"





Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer has begun

Written on June 2:
Today is officially our second day of summer vacation and it is AWESOME! The weather is beautiful, the birds are singing, and the girls are full of energy and excitement. India and Jordyn started thier Tai Kwon Do classes this week and I don't know who likes them more...the girls or mom and dad.
Quote from Jordyn..."I have a big idea! But it's so big that I can't tell you what it is." And she didn't tell us.

Lazy mornings

India punching at Tai Kwon Do

Jordyn at Tai Kwon Do (it is so much cuter in person!)


Feeding the ducks

India and Daddy looking at a hot air balloon

Climbing a tree

Jordyn riding a bull downtown

Boxes - the best toys

Jordyn in the car