Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Happy Resurrection Day!!!!
We had a fabulous eventful weekend. Nana was here to help us celebrate and we enjoyed every second. The Easter Bunny visited us, left baskets, hid the eggs we painted around the house, and left footprints by the door :-) The girls were sooo excited! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome Easter packages and outfits. More pictures to come.

At Home Depot making bird feeders

Festival Time!

Jordyn helping out in a puppet show

Climbing trees

Swinging with Nana

It was a busy Saturday

Easter Morning

The eggs are being found!

Ready for the egg hunt

Our first tooth fairy visit

India lost her first teeth courtesy of a wrestling match. She was such a trooper, I think our hearts hurt more than her mouth :-( She was excited for the tooth fairy to come and take her teeth and leave her money. She is also discovering some of the fun things you can do with holes in your smile, like stick your tongue through there. Our girls are so tough!!!

Spring Break/Nana's Visit/India's Birthday

Spring break has come and gone and we had a great time!!!! The week just flew by. Nana came to visit us, India had her birthday and party, and we took advantage of the beautiful weather by going to parks and sightseeing. Here are some pictures from our break :-)
Fun at a friend's birthday party

Jordyn pretending she was swimming in a pool of balls



Jordyn swimming

Look Grandma and Grandpa! India got her fishing and camping license at preschool.

India's birthday goodies from Preschool

Welcome to CO Nana!

Happy Birthday India! Had to start the day with a candle and ice cream.

Riding bikes

At the park

India helping to hand out her birthday cupcakes at our home celebration.

Swinging at City Park

India posing by the lake

Daddy pulling the wagon

India's Birthday Party at Chuck e Cheese.

Rainbow cupcakes with chocolate unicorns

Cold, snowy trip to Estes Park